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Anunnaki | The Myth Of Anunnaki As You Never Read It Before


If I tell you there is a historical mythical strong similarity Anubetween the Anunnakis and the Greeks, Egyptians as well as the Indian divine beings called “Gods” by ancient civilizations would you believe me…? The facts we have been studied, lead us to think that the Anunnaki themselves were in each great Era and civilization represented by many new names.

An ancient scripture of the Anunnaki divine on Earth. Image source: humansarefree.com

As it well be irrational to go through the Anunnakis history with all its relationships with each civilization in one chapter, we decided to make you dive on our investigations gradually. For this time, we’re going to track back in time the myth behind the Anunnaki “Enlil” and the Greek divine being call “Poisedon”in Atlantis.

Who is “Enlil” … “Poisedon”!?

Known as an ancient Mesopotamian divine who have the power of wind, air, earth and storms (Coleman, J. A. and Davidson, George; 2015) still! after all Enlil is one of the Anunnaki. He was worshipped by the Akkadian (Assyrian, Babylonian and Hurrians) and as Poisedon lord of water element king of Seas and Oceans and creator of Atlantis lost kingdom in the Greek mythology. Enlil rose to prominence during the twenty-fourth century BC with the rise of Nippur.

“Enlil” in the Sumerian myth was a child of “Anu” the Sky or Heaven lord with “Ki” divine feminine known as Earth. The Sumerians believed that rain was Anu’s seed that impregnated and causing “Ki” to give birth to diverse vegetation  (Nemet-Nejat, Karen Rhea, 1998). At the epic poem Gilgamesh, Enkidu, and the Netherworld (Schneider and Tammi J, 2011; Archi Alfonso, 1990). An and Ki mate with each other, causing Ki to give birth to Enlil (Black Jeremy and Green Anthony, 1992).

History of “Enlil” | Myth Of Anunnaki

The birth of “Enlil” separates “An” from “Ki” and carries off the earth as his domain, while “An” carries off the sky Black Jeremy and Green Anthony, 1992). Around 1300 BC onward, “Enlil” was syncretized with the Assyrian national entity  Aššur,  known as the most important deity in the Assyrian pantheon (Black Jeremy and Green Anthony, 1992).

Returning to the Greek myth version as it was documented by the Italian archaeologist Paolo Matthiae  “Poseidon” in other words “Enlil” created Atlantis in an area between Morocco and Spain. H even motioned that the Moroccan Atlas Mountains maybe named after the great lost kingdom of Atlantis (Paolo Matthiae, 1996).

myth of Anunnaki
A map showing the supposed extent of the Atlantean Empire, from Ignatius L. Donnelly’s Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, 1882

The Atlantis lost kingdom story have been known since so long till now, in fact, it is one of our world mysteries that hunt our reflection and curiosity each time we talk about it origins and why its’ve been vanishe? Let it us sink in an ocean of theories try to explain once open a time what could happened. The historical mythical facts that we are going to document here may explain partially what caused Atlantis to disappear.

In the later Akkadian version of the flood story, recorded in the Epic of Gilgamesh, “Enlil” or “Poseidon” as he named by the Creeks, actually causes the great flood to punish Humans (See Tillett, Gregory John Charles Webster Leadbeater; 1854-1934). That have led us to think that due to this flood story Atlantis have disappeared for ever, as well that punishment explains more why its historical existence have been erased from the world alleged history. The great flood have been mentioned by almost all our World religions which give more adjustments to this puzzle.

Returning to the source of the myth “Poseidon” or “Enlil” is now what we know in our cosmos as Planet Neptune ♆ (J. Toutain; 1905).  this make us think about what could happened to “Enlil” that have turned him to a planet, it seems there is much more secrets behind the myth.

More about Anunnaki

In order to understand it we have to understood the Anunnaki first,  which they are as well connected to the Planed Nibiru known as a destructor. Often mentioned with many negative adjectives, some describe it as the planet that may bring doom to our planet Earth; is it correct or is it just a myth?! that will be continue in the next chapter, stay tuned…!

myth of Anunnaki
Anunnakis Summaries’ sculptures images source: afrikaiswoke.com

Dr. Majda Aouititen el HaouariSenior Research Engineer – Astroecology
Eco Astronomy (China)


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