Anunnaki | The Myth Of Anunnaki As You Never Read It Before

If I tell you there is a historical mythical strong similarity Anubetween the Anunnakis and the Greeks, Egyptians as well as the Indian divine beings called “Gods” by ancient civilizations would you believe me…? The facts we have been studied, lead us to think that the Anunnaki themselves were in each great Era and civilization represented by many new names. An ancient scripture of the Anunnaki divine on Earth. Image source: As it well be irrational to go through the Anunnakis history with all its relationships with each civilization in one chapter, we decided to make you dive on our investigations gradually. For this time, we’re going to track back in time the myth behind the Anunnaki “Enlil” and the Greek divine being call “Poisedon”in Atlantis. Who is “Enlil”...

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